How to choose good domain name for domain flipping

Domain Flipping is one of the online money making methods, where you find a good domain to buy and then sell it for your profit. Basic knowledge of domain flipping is required for this business. Domain flipping can be started by buying or registering a new domain about only $10.

Businesses need websites for marketing their products and services and will definitely need Domain Names. According to a report there are more than 330 million domain names that have been registered till June 2017. The number is rising and hence availability of domain name is getting limited. Many Businesses find it difficult to register a new domain name because it’s already owned by someone else. This condition creates the opportunity to get profit through domain flipping.

You can also register new domains or purchase cheap domains and sell them for profit. It seems easy to buy/register new domains and sell them for hundreds of dollars, but its not. You should learn about how and which domains to register/purchase and how much it actually worth. Here are some tips about selecting a domain name for domain flipping:

1. Domains containing Keywords

Find domains containing popular keywords. Almost every website owner looks for a keyword containing domain name that is related to the topic of their website. A good keyword is one which have high search rate and good cost per click (CPC) rate. You can use Google’s Keyword Planner to search for popular keywords.

2. Short domain names

Short domain names are easy to remember and hence can generate high profit. Keep you domain names to maximum 4 characters like, etc. BTW was sold for $50,700 in June 2017.

If you can’t keep it short to 4 characters, go for a 1 or 2 word meaningful domain name like etc. Don’t  register or buy domain names with meaningless long words.

3. Memorable domain names

Only register/buy memorable and easy to spell domain names. It is important to pick domain names that are easy to remember and spell. A company or website owner will always want an easy to remember domain name for their website to get more visitors.

4. Brandable domain names

These are the names if you pronounce them they seem like a certain brand, product or business. There are many examples like, etc. Use your imagination and creativity ability to select brand-able names for your domains. Business tend to buy brand-able domain names regardless of price. You can use BrandBucket to get more ideas on brand-able domain names.

5. Domain names with popular extensions

There are many extensions other than .COM like .NET, .ORG, .ME etc. But if you are new to domain flipping, you should stick to .com domains because they are most popular. Most of the businesses look for a .com domain and they are easy to sell.



Source of information: Buycom Domains

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