10 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for 2018 For self improvement and happy life


According to a survey approximately 44% of Americans are planning to set their goals for New Year. People are hopeful about the coming year and are planning to set goals for self improvement. Leave behind 2017 and start a fresh in 2018. People are eager to improve in coming year so, we have come up with 10 awesome and easy but meaningful ideas.


  1. Put your phone down. You hear it right. Just turn off your phone in specific time of day or week and spend some time with family.
  2. Eat healthy. Eating healthy is easy and tasty, include Fruits, Whole grains, Beans and Low-Fat products and avoid Fats, Sweets and added sugars and Alcohol.
  3. Make meaningful connections. According to health professionals at Aspen Ideas Festival increasing amount of people feel lonely. Reconnect with old friends, make new friends. If you feel lonely, talk to your friends, hangout with them, it will help you overcome your loneliness.
  4. Concentrate on your Fitness. Sign up for your local fitness club or gym and workout regularly OR you can have a healthy walk in the morning. Don’t worry if you don’t have enough time, just get off a stop before your work place and walk. It will help clear your mind and will be good for your fitness.
  5. Financial Planning. As new year is a good time to overhaul your life, plan your finances before starting new year. Categorize your expenses according to priority. Know what you want and how urgent it is, minimize your debts, earn extra income by doing what you love (like blogging, gardening, teaching etc.) and save for your tomorrow.
  6. Grow your own Fruits and Vegetables. If you have a backyard and some love for gardening, you can easily grow healthy fruits and vegetables in backyard. For example Lettuce leaves, Tomatoes, Herbs, Dwarf fruits etc.
  7. Smile. It’s beneficial for your health and social life. Also, smiling reduces Blood Pressure, Relief Stress, Strengthen Relationship, will improve your Mood, Strengthen Immune system and you will look more beautiful when you smile. Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) said “Your smile for your brother is charity”.
  8. Volunteer. According to an article published by Harvard Health Publications giving your time for good cause lowers blood pressure and is good for your health.
  9. Reduce the use of Social Media. It’s good to be connected via social media but excessive use of social media is bad for your mental health as recently admitted by Facebook. Social media is affecting the self esteem of children and teens according to a research by Igor Pantic.
  10. Dryathlon. This January, join the thousands of Dryathletes dropping the drink this January and donate money to beat cancer. Sign up here for support and help.
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