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So, you plan to convert your passion or interest into your own website. But what type of website you should create? What should be the content of your website? Do you have technical know-how or you will need help for content or management? Ask yourself these questions and then decide accordingly. Here we have listed

10 Awesome website ideas:


1. How-to Blog

If you are good at anything OR you are good at solving problems. You can instruct people how to complete or fix something. And that something can be “anything”. For example, you can post “how to cook brown rice” OR “how to remove virus from your computer” etc.

It’s a plus point if you include pictures or a video with instructions.

2. Listicles

Create lists and compare products. There is no limit to what you can apply the listicle format to, you can create “Top 10” lists for items or concepts. You can explore BuzzFeed for different ideas.

3. Review Blog

Start reviewing your favorite products apparel, gadgets etc. It’s one of the best profitable idea, you can earn by reviewing products. This way you will never run out of content ideas as there are millions of products to review. Its recommended to purchase the product before reviewing it.

4. Memes

Memes are easy to generate. Most of the times it includes placing a text over an image. You can create your own memes or find them on internet easily. For creating your own memes you can use this online meme generator.

5. Comics

Comics are relatively hard to make. But if you are looking to generate something quickly, you can use stick figures for your comics. Here is a guide on How to draw stick figures. The goal here is to present something in written and visual format.

6. News

The word is news itself is very vast. Your content could be a news from your city, country or from any other place in the world. Or it can be about any specific filed or interest like technology, smartphones, gadgets and new inventions etc.

7. Myth Busters

Myths are misconceptions and false assumptions surrounding every industry. Myths are everywhere in Movies, News and books. And once a myth is taken hold its difficult to overcome with facts. You can post about myths and your research work to bust a myth. You can read about how to bust myths in article posted by Angelina Phebus on Lifehack.

8. Calculators

You can create calculators if you have technical knowledge about how to calculators in a website. There are many websites available with different calculators for different subjects. One I use the most for math help is CSGNetwork.

9. Travel Blog

Do you want to earn money while you travel around in the world? If yes, then start a travel blog. Be sure you can take quality pictures during your travel to post on your blog. You can also partner with hotels and travel agencies all over the globe.

10. Photography

Photography is an other visual medium to gain visibility of your content. If you are a photographer or know how to take good pictures, you can post amazing pictures on your website.

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