10 Small Business Ideas

A lot of people today want to start their own business. They do not want to retire from a job to look back and feel that the have wasted their life for the betterment of companies owned by other people. According to a survey the biggest reason for the people of America to start their own business is the fact that the can be their own boss. In this modern age it is now easy to start a small business with low or no investment. Here we have gathered 10 small business ideas that you can start easily. Some of these business ideas require no initial investment.


1. Be an Accountant

If you have studied accounting as a major and you are good with numbers, you can easily start your own accounting business. Create flier and mention your services. Your service could include monthly or quarterly financial reports, income statements or balance sheets. You can get assistance from companies like Due.

 2. Create Chatbots

Market of Chatbots is increasing day by day. As online market places are increasing day by day, chatbots have become a great opportunity. Companies use chatbots for gather data, customer services and as a marketing tool. And the amazing thing is that you can make free chatbots without coding.

3. Consultancy Services

There is a saying that “If you are good at anything, never do it for free”. If you have expertise in something and you can be an adviser to others looking to work in that area then you can be a Consultant. You can use your experience to help others to work in that particular area without making the mistakes that you had made along the way.

4. Social Media Marketing

Now a days, social media play an important role in marketing all kinds of businesses. Online courses for social media marketing are available. But it takes experience more than education which you will gain by time. There are several steps for an effective social media marketing:

  1. Audit your social media presence.
  2. Know your ideal customer and target audience.
  3. Create eye catching and engaging content.
  4. Invest in social media management tools.
  5. Track, Analyze and then Optimize.

5. Open a Food Point

No matter where you live, there are always food points, cafes, restaurants. Just do a market study and know what what your community is missing. You can open Cafes, Restaurants, Coffee shops, Fast food point or a Bakery. There’s no doubt that it’s difficult and it takes time to be successful, all you need is to work hard in this industry. But if you know what you are doing you can be successful. Read this article to know how to start a successful restaurant.

6. Solar Energy Consultant

If you are an Electrical Engineer or have experience in Solar Energy. You can help people who are eager to install a solar system. You have to conduct an inspection of the targeted site, know client’s requirements and budget. To be a consultant, it is recommended that you should not be affiliated with any specific company or product. This can range from a simple systems for residential building to large systems for industries.

7. Mobile App Developemt

Today, smartphones have become very common and so as mobile apps.  Most mobile application developers have programming background or computer science related degree. There are two major categories in this regard

  1. Android App Development
  2. iOS App Development

You can learn to make Android or iOS apps. I’m an Android user and prefer Android app development. You can also learn to make Android apps free of cost. There are several courses available online for that purpose.


8. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is extremely easy to get into. You have to promote products of different companies and you earn commission. You have to select a product you like and promote it and make profit on each sale done by your marketing efforts. Here are some steps to launch your own affiliate marketing business:

  1. Choose the right affiliate network.
  2. Research and select right products to promote.
  3. Consider buying the product before promoting it.
  4. Utilize social media marketing to get more traffic.
  5. Consider using Redirect/pretty links.

9. Website Development

Today, businesses need a website to generate traffic and promoting their products. With a certain set of skills you can get into a business that never dies. You can start by creating simple websites and portfolios. To take your business to next level you have to polish your skills and learn the required programming languages to create more complex, beautiful and customized websites.

10. YouTube Channel

You can earn money by creating a YouTube channel. There are variety of ways you can earn using youtube:

  1. If you are good at any subject, post your video tutorials regarding that subject.
  2. You can do affiliate marketing using your channel.
  3. Make prank video and post on your channel.
  4. Review any product, movie, song etc.
  5. List your favorite songs, movies, TV shows etc.
  6. Show off magic tricks

and the list goes on. See these youtube content ideas and you will be amazed to see that how vast this field is.



Source of information: Entrepreneur


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