10 Business Ideas that you can start from home

If you select the right career, working from home can be a lot of fun. No annoying co-worker to disturb you and ruin your beautiful day. The available options for doing business from home can seem overwhelming. What kind of business you should do according to the talents and skill set you have? How much you can invest your business and how much capital you have? And more importantly the selection of career that will succeed. We have selected 10 carefully selected business ideas that you can start from home.

1. Web Designer

For this you have to have a specific skill set of web designing. You can help your clients designing beautiful websites for their business. And you have the opportunity to work with the people all around the globe.

2. Freelance Writing

As a Freelance writer you can write articles on any topic you like. It is recommended to start writing on the subjects you are expert in. You need patience article writing because on popular Freelance sites you will face rejection in the start but you have to be determined to succeed. For Freelance writing you can check upwork, freelancer, fiverr and due.

3. Graphic Design

Now a days businesses always require a graphic designer to convey their message visually through ads, posters and websites etc. If you have a related college degree its good but if you don’t you can teach yourself graphic designing using free courses available online. The amazing thing about Graphic Designing is except the cost of designing software there is no overhead cost.

4. Social Media Manager

Today, the presence on social media is necessary for a successful business. And some times people don’t have time or don’t know how to post eye catching content on social media. And here is your chance to come in and help you client managing their social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

5. Teaching

If you have a degree in specific subject and/or you are an expert in some particular subject. You can use this knowledge to earn money. You can start your own tuition center in your home with very little investment. Or you can teach people online using forums like Udemy.

6. Youtube Channel

It is very easy to start your own Youtube channel. Like I said above you can also teach using Youtube, just record your lectures and post them on Youtube. There are a lot of ideas about the content of Youtube videos. You can just post anything interesting as long as it does not violate site’s policies. You can share cooking recipes, your view on any song or movie or anything you like, there is no limitation to your imagination.

7. Day Care center

This is a good idea if you love children or you are a stay at home parent. Licensing for home day care center varies from country to country. You can get a license from your local government and start taking care of babies for money.

8. Wedding Planner

To become a wedding planner you should have the knowledge of what goes into planning a wedding, local traditions, including resources and price ranges for everything from invitations to food and drinks.

9. Blogging

It takes time to grow audience of your blog before monetizing it. But if you love to blog about anything go for it and you can do affiliate marketing using your blog. Pay can vary widely but income potential is limitless.

10. App Development

Creating a profitable app is not necessarily about having the most innovative idea, its about the user experience. The field of App Development is very vast, you can develop apps for Windows, Linux, MAC, Smartphones like iOS and Android. You just have to know your interest and should have or gain the particular skill set for app development.


Hope, you would have narrowed your search around one or two business ideas that you can do from home. Success of your home based business also depends on how you plan and start your home based business. You can see our guide on how to start a home based business for further information.


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